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The Trojan Voice

Apr 19th
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Who did it?


Forensics teacher Mrs. Croom

"I love tying in the concepts the students are learning in other classes to show them the relevance of the concepts they are learning." ~Mrs. Croom


Music in our schools Mrs. Delprete and students “It has provided an identity where students are accepted for who they are, despite their differences.”~Mrs. Delprete
High School Fall Sports
Senior send offs Girls' Volleyball team "..I’m sad for my season to end, but I’m glad I got to spend my senior year with hard working, dedicated girls who have come to be some of my best friends!” ~ Maddie Hughes...
Club Activities
Math-tastic Mathletes and advisor Mrs. Wilce “It is amazing to see how many students love math and want to compete in math competitions" ~Mrs. Wilce
Student Life
Gym Day Senior, Nathan Whitney, with the Spirit Week trophy and Spirit Stick. Photograph credit: Nathan Whitney “Our school is already a close-knit group during sport seasons, but when it comes down to class superiority, the seniors buck up and refuse to back down from any challenge.” ~Nathan Whitney
Student Interest
Build a bridge and... Ryan Hatton, Nick Mellen, and Emily Rouse Picture courtesy of www.npsd.org "...I felt like I left a lot on the line [last year], and wanted to prove myself this year." ~ Nick Mellen