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The Trojan Voice

Jun 24th
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Fast as lightning


Antonia Gentile

"It is so fun being on a team and competing against other student athletes."~Antonia Gentile


Spring Concert Meghan Murray “It takes a lot of focus to do the choreography while singing. The fact that we had so many snow days made it challenging, but we got through it with Mrs. Delprete’s help.” ~ Meghan Murray  
High School Fall Sports
Senior send offs Girls' Volleyball team "..I’m sad for my season to end, but I’m glad I got to spend my senior year with hard working, dedicated girls who have come to be some of my best friends!” ~ Maddie Hughes...
High School Spring Sports
The final set Jonathan Haikes Photo credit: Christmas City Studios "Have fun and enjoy it before it's gone." ~ Jonathan Haikes
Club Activities
Math-tastic Mathletes and advisor Mrs. Wilce “It is amazing to see how many students love math and want to compete in math competitions" ~Mrs. Wilce
Student Life
Steel the Show Sammie Clarke “I like that when we’re together our main focus is music, we’re not focused on abilities or differences." ~ Sammie Clarke  ...
Student Interest
Senioritis Casey Grube “My teachers are still giving me as much work as the beginning of the year. Yes, they understand how much the kids want to get out of here for nice weather and summer, but that is not holding them back.” ~ Casey Grube    ...
Should You Stay Inside? Kaitlin Cocker “I love the outdoors and the warm weather but am always skeptical when I see a bug coming towards me. No one knows what you could get from a bug bite, until it already happened.” ~ Kaitlin Cocker