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The Trojan Voice

Oct 17th
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Jessica Slagus

“It really fascinates me how the brain works and human behavior.” ~ Jessica Slagus


A champion, a person who perseveres, a person who never backs down, a person filled with motivation, a person like Jessica Slagus. Jessica June Slagus is widely known as a North Pocono track all-star, but she is so much more. Growing up in Jefferson all her life, she got the nickname “Jessie the Giant” from her father because she was taller than most boys and girls at such a young age. Her family plays an important part in her life and when asked if she could travel anywhere she replied, “I’ve never been the person to think about this, but if I could go anywhere in the world, I would love going to the beach with all 5 of my siblings.”

The sport of track has become a big part of her high school career. She participates in the throwing category and the events of hammer throw and discus. Her favorite event is hammer throw because she says “no one does it.” She started competing 5 years ago when she was only in seventh grade! Her sister, Jennifer, introduced her to the sport and she’s been in love with it ever since.

In three words, she describes herself as outgoing, caring, and different. Her secret talent is wiggling her eyebrows to make them dance, although she tried to learn ukulele to make it her party trick. She is also left handed, which people don’t really know about her. Outside of school, Jess is also involved with photography and writing. She became interested in photography in 10th grade when she received a camera for Christmas, but then wanted a larger one. She then saved up her money for a year and a half to buy the camera that she has now. She has a job at an ice cream shop, and like any true high schooler, sleeps whenever she can find the time. She would like to continue taking photos for the rest of her life and considers it her dream job. Jess would also like to do something in the field of psychology when she graduates. “It really fascinates me how the brain works and human behavior.”


She claims that Her music taste is very diverse and mixed, but she mostly listens to the punk and alternative songs. Her favorite song is “Have You Ever Seen the Rain.” She first heard the song with her father, who listens to classic rock. She said “It’s like our song.” They both interpreted the lyrics like the artist was saying that everything can be great, but it can still rain. She says she doesn’t read enough to have a favorite book but enjoys “The Fault in Our Stars.”

Her favorite movie is “Charlie St. Cloud” because it reminds her of her 5 siblings. The movie also contains one of her biggest fears, getting into a car crash. The main character’s brother died and throughout the rest of his life he still feels his brother is with him. This movie feels special to her because of her love for her siblings. Her family holds a special place in her heart and the movie has personal feel to her. There is not many things Jess thinks is more important than spending time with the people she loves.

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