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The Trojan Voice

Oct 17th
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Friday, September 22, 2017

Ms. Pace

"Being a people-person, I knew I could never just sit in an office all day and work with numbers..." ~ Ms. Pace

As the 2017-2018 school year sparked up, North Pocono High School was proud to welcome new members to the faculty.

One of the new teachers include Ms. Lauren Pace, who teaches Algebra II and SAT Preparation. Prior to North Pocono, Ms. Pace worked as an 8th grade math teacher in Maryland for two years.

Working at a new school means getting used to a whole different schedule. At the previous school she worked, classes were 90 minute blocks. Without a doubt, she is happy to be working with shorter periods. She is also pleased to be around older, more mature students.

Although coming to a new location was a bit intimidating at first, Ms. Pace states, “The helpful staff and students have made getting used to the routines of the school easier.

To Ms. Pace, math has always come easy. However, when she was younger she wanted to be a secretary. “Being a people-person, I knew I could never just sit in an office all day and work with numbers,” says Ms. Pace. Once in high school, she was encouraged by two math teachers to pursue a career in teaching instead. Ms. Pace understands math is not a popular subject among most students, stating, “My hope in teaching is to make math a little less painful.”

As the 2017-2018 year goes by, new teachers, such as Ms. Pace, are easing their ways into their new jobs.

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