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Oct 17th
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Friday, September 22, 2017

Tofilska's killer serve

"I like how you can't be the best by having the best skills, but you also have to have the best attitude and mental game for it.”-Sarah Tofilska



Looking back, the Girls’ Tennis Team has had a pretty successful season. They have earned a respectable record of 8-2 with their only losses resulting from a tough fight against Abington Heights and Scranton Prep. Coming up, the girls have a busy and intense schedule with teams to look out for such as Western Wayne and Wallenpaupack. The talented seniors hold four out of the seven varsity positions and are indeed the backbone of the team. Captains Sarah Tofilska and Haley Zemek are two key players in the lineup and never fail to encourage and lead the rest of their teammates. These girls are giving their last season their all, hoping to make their coach, fans, and family proud.



Sarah Tofilska, a player who intimidates her opponents with her powerful backhand and smart thinking, has held the First Singles position ever since her Sophomore year. This honorable position creates a nervous yet determined feeling for Sarah before she steps out on the court. She mentions, “I give myself a little pep talk and try to remember everything I’m supposed to do like bend my knees and move my feet.” With districts just around the corner, Sarah reveals that she thinks the team has what it takes to bring home the gold. She also says that the expectations for the team are higher because of the strength and success they have had so far.



Sarah, being a busy student-athlete, appreciates tennis because it is something that she can focus on apart from school and homework, which can sometimes cause stress. Tofilska says, “I like how you can’t be the best by having the best skills, but you also have to have the best attitude and mental game for it.” The bonds created within the team are bonds that can never be broken. Sarah has developed some best friends because of the sport and mentions, “they always challenge me to keep improving.”


With the arrival of her senior year, Sarah is devastated to see her final season approaching an end so quickly. “It’s one of the few things I actually look forward to during the school year,” she says. After high school, Sarah plans to attend college to major in pharmacy with the hope of either playing on a tennis team or a tennis club.


Sarah Tofilska, a girl with great skills, great friends and a great attitude, has made an everlasting impact on the Girls’ Tennis Team.



Holding the Third Singles spot on the team is the motivated and skillful captain, Haley Zemek. In her sophomore and junior year, Haley depended on her doubles partner to watch her back and help cover the court. Moving up to a singles position, she realizes the great deal of self-dependence that comes with any singles position. “It feels pretty good… now that I play third singles, I have to get to the ball by myself. Everything is depending on me,” she states. So far, Haley has made out pretty well in her newly acquired singles position with a 6-4 record.



Growing up, Haley has made the most of her athletic ability playing basketball, softball, and tennis. She loves the game because she can play on her own and recognize her strengths and weaknesses. She also appreciates the bond that has developed between her teammates as they have become family instead of people she just plays tennis with.



Haley recognized her love for tennis at an early age, and now focuses on her improvement in tennis, rather than the other sports. At a young age, Haley’s parents introduced the sport, and she has grown to love and appreciate it. She admired her mother, watching her coach at Delaware Valley, and she had participated in many tennis camps to help prepare her for the high school team. Haley realized that with tennis, she can go further and be more successful than with basketball and softball.



Haley has a bright future ahead of her with hopes of going to Temple to pursue a degree in theater. She recognized her love for theater arts after performing in a play in middle school called Calling all Superheroes. “It showed me how much I love it. I love to sing, act, and show the audience a character that isn’t me,” Haley exclaims. In college, Haley’s motivated, enthusiastic, and gifted personality will show in her everyday life and on the courts.


The master behind these talented captains is Coach Eliza Maganzini. Mrs. Maganzini, as she is known to her third grade students, returns to coaching every year simply because of her love for the team. Coach says,“I love the girls and guys that I work with. It’s nice because I teach elementary, and still get the high school aspect, and of course, I love the sport.” No matter if the team results in a win or a loss, Coach Maganini appreciates that the team is in it together, always improving and upping their game.



With districts quickly approaching, Coach believes that her team undoubtedly has the potential to win. She says, “as long as we all practice hard, we can get that big win.” She is also sad to see the seniors go because of their talent, leadership, and beaming personalities that they bring to the team.



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