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The Trojan Voice

Oct 17th
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Friday, September 22, 2017


Alyssa Walsh

“The marching band is like nothing else. They are the most caring and passionate kids out there”~ Alyssa Walsh



Not many students notice the role that the music program plays in the fabric of North Pocono. From a young age, many students can remember either trying an instrument for the first time or even joining chorus without a clue in the world that puberty would change their voices in a few years. From fifth grade to senior year, some students stayed dedicated to their instrument over the years. The North Pocono High School is well known for its band, chorus, and orchestra. Each year the music department puts on two concerts; Christmas and spring, that every music student looks forward to. Each concert includes the band, chorus, show choir and orchestra.

As the summer approaches, band members dread sweating up on the hill during band camp which takes place almost every August morning. Band meets three days out of the five day cycle during the lunch periods. Ms. Decker, the new band director, was introduced into the music program last year as the new orchestra teacher and then moved over to the new band director after Mr. Torquato retired after 28 years of directing. “He still comes around nearly to every game.. His huge smile definitely shows us how proud he is of our performances at every event.” said Alyssa Walsh. Alyssa Walsh is a current drum major along with Jess Sember. These two girls have worked for their spots to be chosen as drum major. Being drum major is all about leadership and having the patience to keep the entire band under control. “The marching band is like nothing else. They are the most caring and passionate kids out there,” Alyssa states. She describes band as a home and claims the other members are like family. Everyone loves a good Friday night football game, but what is a football game without the marching band's halftime show and stand music? Each friday night, win or lose, the football team comes together as one and sings the Alma Mater in honor of being a proud athlete and student of the NP family.

The orchestra is run by new teacher Mrs. Galassi this year. Orchestra meets two days out of the week, which is split with the band schedule. The orchestra is a majority of string instruments as for a few brass and woodwind instruments. Some students are in both band and orchestra where they get to show their talents with multiple instruments. The orchestra is a combination of violas, bass, violins, cellos, woodwinds, brass and percussion.

Mrs. DelPrete runs the choral program at the high school, which includes show choir and chorus. Many students will say she is a great teacher who is always there to give some good advice. Chorus is a group ensemble with students from all grades who would like to join, and show choir is for sophomores, juniors and seniors who have to audition to be part of the group. “Show choir is a singing and dancing group, like glee club,” states Haley Zemek, who is both a part of the NP chorus since sixth grade and show choir here at the high school since sophomore year. “Chorus/show choir has been a big part of my life since my world pretty much revolves around theatre and music,” she says. Chorus meets twice during the five day cycle during the lunch periods. Haley enjoys the class and its loving atmosphere.


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