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The Trojan Voice

Oct 17th
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Friday, September 22, 2017

Halloween 2016-2017

"It's a senior tradition." ~ Mr.Myers

October 31st is one of the best nights...and school days! However, only a select group feels this way: the seniors. At North Pocono High School, only the seniors are allowed to dress up in a costume. Some people disagree with that rule, since they desire to participate. There are two sides to this infamous controversy; the ones that are fine with it, and the ones who believe it is unfair.

One student who agrees that only seniors should be allowed to dress up is Trinity Cushing. Since she is a senior, Trinity is obviously excited about dressing up. Trinity believes the seniors definitely deserve the right to dress in costume on Halloween. "We worked hard for it," she states with enthusiasm, referring to the 3 long years of patiently watching the graduating classes make their mark with their creative outfits and ideas. However, she does not know what she is going to be yet, because she is in the middle of two ideas.

Since the freshmen are new to the school, they also have mixed emotions. Myah Spoonhower does not agree with Trinity. She says, “I don’t know. I feel like it shouldn’t be just the seniors. It should be open to any high school grade that wants to participate.” The reason she feels this way is because a ton of people get excited for Halloween. Also, seniors already have a lot of privileges.

Many people don’t know the backstory for why only seniors are allowed to dress up. “It’s a senior tradition,” Mr.Myers states. He also said that when they were in the old high school, the seniors would go to the Intermediate School and show off their creative costumes to the kids. They also did that when they moved here. That, although, only lasted one year in this building.

Halloween is scary, but the scariest part about it is not the fake blood or the creepy clowns, it is the homework due the next day.

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