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The Trojan Voice

Oct 17th
PTSA Hooray! Print E-mail
Friday, September 29, 2017

The PTSA students in action!

“PTSA is a great opportunity for students to have their voices heard. Our goal is to help facilitate student’s passions into actions” ~ Crissy Dunn

The North Pocono’s Parent Teacher Student Association got a quick start into the school year with a meeting held on September 25th at the high school. PTSA is a national organization that meets monthly to discuss activities throughout the school district. This year they have some returning officers and some new officers. Barbara Boettinger and Karen Bianchi are returning members of the board, while Crissy Dunn and Denise Cocco are two new board members this year. PTSA consists of students, parents, and teachers. “PTSA is a great opportunity for students to have their voices heard. Our goal is to help facilitate student’s passions into actions,” says the new VP, Crissy Dunn.


This past school year, the students from the PTSA received awards. From Health and Safety Chair, to Advocacy and Legislation Chair, the students are doing an outstanding job on the activities throughout the school! Gabriel Ramos has been a student who has been involved with PTSA for a few years. Over the years he has played a huge role in changes that have been made in Special Education at the state level. Last year, he hosted an Advocacy Night at the high school. This started a movement working with Pennsylvania’s Senators to create a PA Gifted Education Day. In reward of this act, he received a letter of recognition from Senator Dinnaman, the Minority Education Chair. “It has very much equipped me with the tools, through the support of state and national level and our local and council leaders, to be a better advocate for students in educations, a better advocate for support of teachers, and the ability to find a path to the correct person along the way to support the PTSA’s needs through my voice,” stated Gabe. Gabe is currently in his senior year which will also be his third year as Advocacy and Legislation Chair.


Throughout the year, the PTSA will give out grants to a select number of teachers who apply for them. Last school year, grants were given to Dr. Croom (HS), Mrs. Featherby (HS), and Mrs. Fromert (NPI). These grants were able to help these teachers use that money to benefit Science Olympiad, the drama club, and give parents and students more insight about college. Grants will be given out this year if teachers sign up.


The National PTSA runs the Reflections program every year to showcase students’ unique talents. Students can submit original pieces to be judged on a local level, with hopes of reaching the national level. This year’s theme is “Within Reach” and students can interpret what it means to them. Students can enter in dance choreography, film production, literature, photography, musical composition, or visual arts. The deadline for entry is Tuesday, October 10, 2017. To get involved in the contest, students can go to pta.org/reflections.


Last year the PTSA played a huge role in getting the speaker Marc Mero to the school district. They are planning on putting more attention on issues such as mental health, bullying, and coping this year too. There are many events that the PTSA is looking forward to. One of their goals this year is to run a program in the community with a spotlight on people with disabilities. They will also host a family engagement event to benefit elementary aged students within the community. The PTSA sure has some big plans for this year!

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