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The Trojan Voice

Mar 19th
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A second Spirit Week?



Senior, Tyler Reilly

“I remembered every year that I would look forward to Spirit Week and it would all be tied together, but since Gym Day was pushed back this year, the freshman wouldn’t experience what an actual Spirit Week was like.” ~Tyler Reilly


West Side Story The West Side Story Cast “Everyone who is in the show has been working hard since day one. The amount of work and dedication that every cast and crew member puts into their part is amazing. I can tell this will be one of the best shows of North Pocono.”~ Haley Zemek  ...
High School Fall Sports
Senior send offs Girls' Volleyball team "..I’m sad for my season to end, but I’m glad I got to spend my senior year with hard working, dedicated girls who have come to be some of my best friends!” ~ Maddie Hughes...
Club Activities
Math-tastic Mathletes and advisor Mrs. Wilce “It is amazing to see how many students love math and want to compete in math competitions" ~Mrs. Wilce
Student Life
Steel the Show Sammie Clarke “I like that when we’re together our main focus is music, we’re not focused on abilities or differences." ~ Sammie Clarke  ...
National Sports
Game(s) on! Tiffany Anello "I think it’s cool that someone local is participating in the Olympics.” ~Tiffany Anello
Hard-line News
The JUUL is NOT cool   Popcorn Lung vs. normal lungs. (Photo credited to vapecreature.com) “I think it’s going to be similar to tobacco. It took years to figure out how harmful it was." ~ Dr. Heard   Dr. Heard. (Photo taken by Christmas City Studios)  ...
Student Interest
Authentic Anelli Gianna Anelli "Throughout my high school experience, I have grown as a student and as a person." ~ Gianna Anelli