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Oct 17th
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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Boy's Vasity Soccer Seniors

“You aren’t just playing to win for yourself, but for your brothers on the field as well." ~Joseph Forconi

One of the many sports within the North Pocono School District is soccer; specifically the boys’ team. With their coach, Mr. Graig Arcurie, things run pretty smoothly.

Coach Arcurie has been coaching soccer at North Pocono for 13 years, this year being his second year coaching the boys’ varsity team after Mr. Hosiah Davis retired from coaching.

To help prepare for games, the team watches game film and the coaching staff creates drills to help the team improve. One thing they improve on every year is team bonding. When working on team bonding, the team does activities such as FootGolf, a golf-like game played to help with certain skills. They also do Blindfold Bonanza, where one teammate will be blindfolded and the rest of the team helps him navigate through an obstacle course. “We do things like that to help build a stronger bond/trust amongst the players,” says the coach.

Although the team has not done as well as they wanted, they always work to do better than they did the previous day. In order to help win more, the team focuses on “the two E’s” - Effort and Execution. Coach explains “If we go out and give our best effort in the execution of skills, then we will have a chance at winning any game we play.”

As of October 2nd, the boy’s have a 1-9-0 (win-loss-tie) record in league play, and 2-11-0 overall. They are also coming off of four consecutive games of losing by only one goal “... three of those games went to golden goal OTs,” explains Arcurie. Golden goal OT’s (overtimes) are used when both teams are tied by the end of the normal play time and one needs to be crowned a winner.

Some positions within the team include midfielders, defense, and forwards. Midfielders are compared to the offense and defense of football. “They are everywhere at once,” says senior Derrick Kenyon. The job of defense is to guard the goal so the opposing team does not score. Then, of course, the forwards are the one who attempt to score the goals.

Senior Joseph “Joe” Forconi has been playing soccer for 12 years, and is currently central defense. As a team goal this year, Joe wants every team member to grow closer to one another and be better everyday to eventually reach the point where they are a top-tier team for playoffs. He describes soccer as a “team oriented sport” and says, “... you aren’t just playing to win for yourself, but for your brothers on the field as well.” Joe believes in order for a team to be strong, they need to be strong in all aspects of the team.

Derrick Kenyon, a center midfielder for the team, feels as though their goal as a whole is to simply win, have fun, and represent NP. Along with Coach Arcurie and Joe, Derrick believes there has been a lot of rebuilding, stating, “We are learning to play as a team even though some key players are out due to injury.”

Every day the boys’ varsity team works, they are building up so much more than just the chances of winning. They are building up their family, their trust, and more importantly a bond so unbreakable that no defeat can tear them apart. “We hope that when a team sees NP on the schedule that they know they are in for a tough match against a skilled opponent who will never give up, no matter the situation,” finalizes Coach Arcurie.

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