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The Trojan Voice

Oct 17th
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Friday, October 6, 2017


Alana puts on a big smile at the inspiring seminar

“HOBY has expanded my knowledge on how to be a better leader for myself, others, and my community."~ Alana Wright


The Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership is a program that aims to build strong and motivated leaders within communities. HOBY conducts seminars every year for sophomores in high school, which consists of workshops that help students become effective, talented, and ethical leaders within their school, home, and community. Last May, Alana Wright, the President of the junior class, attended this conference and has greatly benefited from her experience at HOBY.


Alana Wright, an individual involved in numerous activities such as Soccer, Mini-THON club, SADD (Students against destructive decisions), and student council, finds motivation through her family and friends to help push her forward and continue to be the successful leader that she is. She is grateful for her mother because she never fails to motivate her to perform to her best abilities, both in and out of school. Alana says, “I want to keep going and try new things… my mom is my greatest influence and she always believes in me.” Last May, Alana felt a little hesitant to step through the doors of the HOBY leadership conference. “I was extremely nervous and slightly unmotivated because I didn’t know anyone, and I didn’t know what to expect,” she reveals. Within hours, Alana grew comfortable in the seminar while meeting people just like her; leaders who make a difference in their communities. Wright will always remember the unforgettable, life-changing experience which has allowed her to develop long-lasting relationships with forever friends. She mentions, “HOBY has expanded my knowledge on how to be a better leader for myself, others, and my community.”


Sara Wojnar, a senior involved in the ski club, soccer, Science Olympiad, and mathletes, attended the 4-day long seminar in her sophomore year. Although she was excited to participate in the once in a lifetime opportunity, she had some nerves upon entering the admissions process. In a short amount of time though, the people made her feel comfortable and confident about herself. Sara often thinks about the many leadership activities and inspirational speeches at the seminar. One effective and fun activity at HOBY was a quiz that helps determine what type of leader each person is. This helped sophomores around the country learn of the qualities and types of leaders. Sara’s favorite day, a mock legislative session, consisted of multiple parties trying to pass bills, argue against bills, and alter bills. She says, “It was fascinating to see different types of leaders in a model setting.” Sara has brought the skills and valuable information from HOBY into her everyday life. She is currently captain of many clubs and a facilitator to middle school kids at a retreat. She continues to look at this experience as one of the most successful and rewarding.


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