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The Trojan Voice

Oct 17th
Why is mental health so important? Print E-mail
Friday, October 6, 2017


Dr. Heard

It is important for students to recognize what stressors are and take appropriate steps to address them." ~ Mrs. Davis



Although many people might not know, October is National Mental Health Awareness month. This topic is not as popular to discuss and support as others; however, it is just as important, especially among teenagers. “Teenagers are still growing, their brains are still developing, and they are being bombarded with so many things,” Dr. Heard explains, emphasizing how extremely important it is for students to pay attention to and take care of their mental health. The more education teachers and students have on the subject, the more likely they are to notice the signs of a problem and reach out for help.


Dr. Heard is North Pocono High School’s nurse, and not only does she care deeply about her students’ physical well-being, but she also puts quite a lot of work into tending to their mental health as well. One of the ways Dr. Heard provides students with help is by hosting support groups that anyone can attend. She has been holding these support groups for exactly twenty-two years, and has received plenty of positive feedback from those who participated. “And everyone should know that support groups don’t just deal with mental health; people come for support on problems with school, family, or even drugs and alcohol” Dr. Heard states.


She also mentions how great it would be for more people to join, knowing that a lot of kids hold things inside and have low self esteem. In simpler terms, Dr. Heard says, “... being a teenager is just difficult in general.” She also voices that there are many other ways North Pocono can be more open with the subject and help students feel more comfortable going to groups or talking to someone they trust without feeling nervous. She believes North Pocono could provide much more education in health classes that focus on the mental and emotional aspect of health.


Mrs. Davis, North Pocono’s psychology teacher, also believes that taking care of mental health is important in all age groups. She mentions the fact that kids today face difficult stressors that can possibly lead to health issues such as anxiety and depression. “It is important for students to recognize what stressors are and take appropriate steps to address them,” she explains.

“It's wonderful that attention is being given to the importance of mental health. It wasn't too long ago that a stigma was attached to those who suffered from mental illness,” Mrs. Davis states in light of the fact that October in Mental Health Awareness month. She would also like everyone to know that help is available to people, even if they are not comfortable going to support groups. 866-965-7884 is the number for a mental health hotline. There is also a crisis text line. Help is available by texting "home" to 741741 and a professionally trained counselor will respond.

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Why is mental health so important? Dr. Heard “It is important for students to recognize what stressors are and take appropriate steps to address them." ~ Mrs. Davis  ...